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3D Body Scanning using Smartphone for Weight-loss, Health, and Fitness.

Everyone has a 3D body scanner in their pockets. Using your smartphone, you are able to scan and store measurement points for your body.

No extra equipment needed. Private. Secure. Accurate.

The first and most convenient way to scan for body measurements, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and posture analysis. Estimates health based on collected data and helps manage and track progress towards goals.

Work on reducing health trends towards obesity and diabetes. See results right before your eyes.

Built on ground-breaking AI technology that ensures security and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.



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Exciting Technology?  But how to use it with your use cases?  We can offer insights and suggestions on the best ways to implement RE.DOCTOR Body Scan.

Are you looking for user self-reporting, or will a second person be available to frame the scans?

Lot’s to think through.  Start with a conversation with RE.DOCTOR.  Set up a initial meeting using the calendar below.



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