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Using an optical technique called remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), Face Scan analyzes light that reflects off exposed skin on the face.

Using advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing, estimates of vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, and blood oxygenation are derived.


Medical grade measurements are possible using the smartphone camera in little more than 30 seconds.


The data retrieved is managed in a fully compliant manner, in accordance with HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA regulations. No personally identifiable information is collected or stored.


Face Scan may be used for self reporting using the front selfie camera, or alternative options use the rear facing camera.  Web versions may be available to suit particular use cases, such as for embedding in a website or application.



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Accurate medical grade results, but the reliance on external light sources may mean unreliable results.   But how to decide if it right for your use cases? 

We can offer insights and suggestions on the best ways to implement RE.DOCTOR Face Scan.

Lot?s to think through.  Start with a conversation with RE.DOCTOR.  Set up a initial meeting using the calendar below.



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