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Smartphone Vital Signs Scanner

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Easy to add smartphone vital signs scanner to your existing app, and have vital sign data delivered to your EMR or healthcare platform.


RE.DOCTOR is a leading US based developer of AI for Health, and Vital Sign Monitor app developer, you will find RE.DOCTOR a reliable and forward-thinking partner.”

— Simon Censon

With RE.DOCTOR you can use your smartphone camera to extract vital sign transdermal physiological parameters in a matter of seconds. Our AI based vital sign scanner uses world leading AI technology and works on any device with an embedded camera.

Simon Censon, co-founder of RE.DOCTOR, noted that “While more, easily collected vital sign data is great, accurate data is better. AI analysis of transdermal optical imaging reduces bad data and presents actionable, timely information.”

Accurate blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygenation, and respiration rate readings in 40 seconds, just by using any smartphone.

Benefits include less expensive, and better treatments for chronic health conditions, for guiding employee wellness programs and putting personal health responsibility back into the hands of the user with an easy-to-use vital signs monitor.

By using the most ubiquitous device – the smartphone – RE.DOCTOR uses the KISS principle to put healthcare via a vital signs monitor in everyone’s hands, or pockets.

RE.DOCTOR technology has been used as a vital signs monitor in a wide range of commercially available medical devices for measuring oxygen saturation, blood pressure and cardiac output, assessing autonomic function and also detecting peripheral vascular disease.

“RE.DOCTOR does not require the capture of your face, fingerprint or other identifiable information. All data used for processing is protected by HIPAA and international security requirements. Generally speaking, it is a very secure vital signs monitor.” stated Mr Censon.

An app with RE.DOCTOR integrated will meet the FDA’s definition of a medical device as described in section 201(h) of the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and therefore meet Medicare regulations.

RE.DOCTOR is a leading US based developer of AI for Health, and Vital Sign Monitor app developer, you will find RE.DOCTOR a reliable and forward-thinking partner.

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