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Health and Life Insurance
Transdermal Optical Imaging for Health and Life Insurance

It all starts with Physiologic Data - Vital Signs Monitor for Health and Life Insurance

Collect Vital Sign Data within your Health and Life Insurance app

    Using our simple SDK you can add a vital signs monitor to any smartphone Health and Life Insurance app.  Our AI Health and Life Insurance underwriting tool, provides information that can be used to improve plans, underwrite individuals quickly, and create incentives for improved wellness, all performed remotely. 

Timely data Collection

    Easily collect vital sign data before each policy review, or have the policyholder collect it on schedule.

Web Version Available

    Have a web portal that your policyholders use for review - integrate our SDK for WEB in a matter of days.

99% plus customer satisfaction.

There are several benefits to using health information for insurance underwriting. These include:

  • Allows insurance companies to reduce risk. By assessing an applicant’s health history, insurance companies can get a better understanding of their potential risk for future health problems. This information can help them to set premiums that are fair and reflect the actual risk of each applicant.
  • Potentially keeps insurance premiums lower for accepted customers. By eliminating or reducing costs for high-risk candidates, insurance companies can keep premiums lower for healthier individuals. This can make health insurance more affordable for people who are generally healthy.
  • Helps to ensure the financial stability of insurance companies. By carefully assessing the risk of each applicant, insurance companies can help to ensure that they have enough money to pay for claims. This helps to protect the financial stability of the insurance industry as a whole.


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Frequently asked questions

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Yes. We work on most smartphones and tablets, IOS and Android, as well as laptops. You should confirm your equipment with us before making a final purchase decision.
We validate all of our measurements to the highest degree of accuracy against regulated medical devices. Results indicate a very high accuracy rate - generally above that of wearables.
Of course. If you need advice on how to work with the SDK, or you need data to test your integration, just reach out to your consultant.
The patient’s age, height and sex are captured to help our algorithm to accurately calculate systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
Similar, but not exactly the same. rPPG generally uses data collected from your face, whereas PPG collects the data from your finger.
We feel that PPG provides more security, and is less invasive, as it does not require a scan of your face. Some people have difficulty getting their face framed correctly for rPPG.
Not exactly, you need to still use your smartphone, get your face framed correctly, and hold the phone still while the scanning processes.
We hope you do. Contact us, and we can help you with any information you need.

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Our solutions are not a replacement for a healthcare professional and our solution does not diagnose, prevent, provide any treatment for any form of illness or disease.