Smartphone Based DTx Vital Sign Screening and Blood Glucose Monitor - AI Verified.

More data is great.  Accurate data is better.  Learn how AI can make the data you work with  – work for you.

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Smartphone Based Vital Sign Screening Features

Use your smartphone camera to extract vital sign and blood glucose data using our трансдермальная оптическая визуализация app in a matter of seconds.  Our AI based remote health DTx system uses world leading AI technology to provide vital sign screening and blood glucose monitor, and works on any device with an embedded camera.


Easy to add our smartphone vitals screening and blood glucose monitoring tools to your existing app or web application.

Health Analytics

AI analysis with transdermal optical imaging technology reduces bad data and presents actionable, timely information.  Only work with important cases as AI triage data, identifies trends and risks


SDK for iOS and Android, collected data available in FHIR format via API

Heart Rate

Respiration Rate

Blood Pressure

Oxygen Saturation

Blood Glucose

Core Features

Remote Collection of Smartphone Based Vital Signs and Blood Glucose

Accurate blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse and breathing rate readings in 40 seconds, just by using any smartphone or tablet device.
  • Free around-the-clock technical support
  • SDK for smartphone apps or web application
  • Regular feature updates

Learn from our FAQ

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a non-invasive optical technique that detects blood volume changes in the microvascular tissue bed beneath the skin[ Widely used in pulse oximeters to monitor a subject?s heartrate and peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), PPG relies on the fact that arterial blood displays different optical absorption with respect to other tissue components in certain light wavelengths. By emitting light through the skin layers and measuring the amount of light propagating in the tissue, we can obtain a PPG signal that reflects blood volume changes over time. The PPG-waveform can further be used to calculate physiological variables such as heartrate, respiratory rate, SpO2 and blood pressure. As well as use in medical applications, contact-based PPG has been adapted for use in some consumer-oriented wearable devices.
Возраст, рост и пол пациента фиксируются, чтобы помочь нашему алгоритму точно рассчитать систолическое и диастолическое артериальное давление.
Yes. We work on most smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops. You should confirm your equipment with us before making a final purchase decision.
Мы проверяем все наши измерения с высочайшей степенью точности по отношению к регулируемым медицинским устройствам. Результаты показывают очень высокий уровень точности - в целом выше, чем у носимых устройств.
Конечно. Если вам нужен совет по работе с SDK или данные для тестирования интеграции, просто обратитесь к консультанту.
Just pennies per reading. Let us know about your use case, and volume of readings, and we can prepare a very cost-effective proposal for your specific needs.

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