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Технология сканированияRE.DOCTOR Фотоплетизмографическая диагностика домашних животных
уход за домашними животными

RE.DOCTOR Фотоплетизмографическая диагностика домашних животных

PPG can monitor different physiological parameters of the animal, such as heart rate, pulse wave characteristics, blood oxygen saturation, etc. The standard procedure to diagnose cardiovascular diseases (CVD) of domesticated animals (dogs) is electrocardiography (ECG) through monitoring at the vet clinic. Often results obtained this way are erroneous because of the stressed state of the animal, caused by the medical intervention.
RE.DOCTOR has developed a smartphone-based photoplethysmography (PPG) SDK that provides a widely-accessible digital biomarker for CVD diagnosis of pets. Research and testing partners are needed to fully exploit the technology.
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