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transdermal optical imagingTransdermal Optical Imaging App Market
transdermal optical imaging

Transdermal Optical Imaging App Market

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While RE.DOCTOR offers the best value for money transdermal optical imaging app package on the market (yes, we make that claim ourselves…) there are other great players you might like to check out.

Transdermal Optical Imaging App Options

Nuralogix is a great product from our neighbors to the north.  Using video imaging of the face, they are able to extract vital sign data.

In the United States, this product is for Investigational Use Only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.

Hailing from Israel,’s technology measures blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (multiple parameters and RRI raw data), oxygen saturation, breathing rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ). 

Other notable transdermal optical imaging app market contenders include CADUCY from France, Advanced Human Imaging from Australia, and from the UK, LifeLight.

transdermal optical imaging

Transdermal Optical Imaging App

Check out the market, then when you are ready to get the full benefits of a transdermal optical imaging app included in your product, you can reach us here.


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